Thursday, 1 November 2012


Every year Liz or Ivan write a report that appears on the Stanton St. Quintin website and updates the village on what's been happening at the Churchyard throughout the year. Here is a copy of the 2012 report.

Yet another successful year has been completed in very challenging seasonal conditions. We havecarried out our ten practical workdays promoting involvement and community spirit among local and not so local supporters.

As the years go by we are reminded of the Churches origins concerning the Living Churchyard Project. Nearly forty years ago now, a germ of an idea was proposed at a General Synod. This encouraged and supported us as landowners to consider the wildlife that flourished on that land. With diligent management, species could be encouraged to visit and settle increasing the lands biodiversity. Making it an area to visit not only for its sacred content but its natural history content as well.

The project is supported in Wiltshire by the Bishops of Bristol and Salisbury and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Here at St. Giles we have stuck to that ideal and now have some impressive species lists. We do work to a management plan taking into consideration all the requirements of this Sacred place. The plan can be adjusted to suit, as seasonal influences and our own ability dictate.

The project has many supporters as was evident from our successful hosting of the Annual Seminar on Sept., 1st. We received praise from Sue Cooper of the national project ‘Caring for God’s Acre’ on how we operate at St.Giles and throughout the county.

There is a dedicated team of volunteers without whom this project would not flourish, so we extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped at St.Giles on the Living Churchyard Project throughout 2012.

In 2013 we will be continuing to manage the Creation in our own small piece of God’s Acre. Before the season starts there will be an informal AGM, date and venue to be confirmed. Everyone has equal input so if you are interested in being involved in any way please come along.

We wish all our helpers and supporters a peaceful Christmas time and productive 2013.

We look forward to seeing you again on our first task in 2013, Saturday 16th March.

Co-ordinators: Ivan Randall and Liz Cullen.

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