Monday, 20 May 2013

Practical Session Report - May

What a difference a month makes! Thanks to a bit of light and warmth from the sun, the plants have woken up and we were blessed with a sea of colour in the Churchyard.

Along with the raking and a bit of weeding to control some of the more dominant plants, we had a very successful flora count; adding 19 sightings to the flora list. Ivan spent some time counting the snails that we have at the Churchyard and I will try to get a list of those for the next report.

Sighting of the month, for me, has to go to the green-veined white butterfly. It sat patiently as I tried to get a good photo of it for our records!

Amazingly we still had a violet in flower:

The ones to watch out for over the next couple of months are this navelwort, which throws up a huge flower spike full of flowers.

And this stonecrop, which is one of a few stonecrop species present on the side wall area of the Churchyard.

Next month is our 15th anniversary meet, for which there will be cake! Hope to see you there.


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