Monday, 8 July 2013

Practical Session Report - July Part 1

The wheelbarrow at rest - as we have our break.
With the weather being good to us, the cut grass was quite light and easy to rake. Which is fab, as it gave us all chance to slow down a bit and enjoy each other's company.

In the weeks intervening our last session and this, the ox-eye daisy had bloomed and was on its' way out. However, there were plenty of plants that were providing lovely blooms.

Good examples include lady's mantle, near the porch and navelwort, which grows along the front wall and had been growing flower stalks since May.

The wall held other surprises in store too, including these stonecrops. White stonecrop to the left and a 6 petalled English stonecrop to the right; both can be seen on the side wall between the Yew tree and the side gate.

As mentioned last month, here's the Tutsan in full flower. As they develop they'll turn from the white and green seen here through to red and finally black. They're poisonous to us, so not berries to be picked, but are commonly eaten by birds who distribute the seeds.

The star of the show this month was a new species for the churchyard. It was the only specimen and is a hybrid between two other species. With that being said, we're really happy to welcome...
Druce's Cranes-bill - Geranium endressii x versicolor = G. x oxonianum

In the next couple of months we'll be looking forward to this patch of common valerian coming into flower along with this lady's bedstraw.

I've also added our flora list to the blog so you can see all of the species that we find, where we found them, and when they're in bloom. It's available here or by clicking the Flora List link under the churchyard banner at the top.

The next session is on Saturday 27 July - we hope to see you there.

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