Monday, 29 July 2013

Practical Session Report - July Part 2

Each July we have two sessions as the growth of grass tends to be too much if left until August. However, this year, with the hot spell and lack of rain, meant that there was very little grass growth.

Luckily this coincided with the starter cord for the lawn mower snapping. This meant that we couldn't cut the short areas of grass and had to concentrate with the long grass - which Ivan cut with the strimmer.

We had some great sightings such as the Ringlet butterfly above and this Common Toad, as seen below.
 Ivan found the Toad while he was strimming around the Tombs, something that we wouldn't have seen if the mower had been working - a nice silver lining.

 We also spotted this Soldier Beetle and this Green-veined White feeding on the flower of the Common Cat's-Ear plant.

So, the mower is currently being fixed and normal service should be resumed in August. Which is likely to be ideal with the downpours of rain we've been having - there will likely be lots of grass to rake up!

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