Monday, 19 August 2013

Practical Session Report - August

It was quite a quiet session. The lawn mower was fixed, so we could get on with collecting all the cuttings. I say we, but Sue and myself did our normal wild flower walk to see what was out and about.

Things are starting to slow down now, if the wild flowers are anything to go by. It was quite a low month for new species in flower and those that are still in flower. We did manage to find some spiders though, which made the session:

Garden spider - Araneus diadematus

Not sure about this one. Help from the Wild About Britain
forums suggest that it may be a pale member of the Metellina genus.
While the rest of the team were collecting the last of the cut grass, Sue and myself were keying out some ferns that we have on site with Ivan's fern book. So all in all a great session. The year is coming to a close now with only three practical sessions left. Until next time, enjoy whatever remains of the sunny weather :)

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