Monday, 21 October 2013

Practical Session Report - October

October is our penultimate session for 2013. A time when all life at the churchyard is preparing for harsh conditions that winter brings.

Ivy provides a late food source, first for insects, which assist the ivy by pollinating the flowers. Ivy then begins to develop fruits, which are a good food source for birds as the season turns. Holly berries also turn from green to the bright red that has become so symbolic of winter and the festive period in the UK.

It was a nice surprise to see some 7-spots still out and making the most of the 'good' weather. Ladybirds over-winter in their adult form. Soon they will all collect together in various safe places, which range from under tree bark to inside our houses.
The banded snails were out in force too. This is a variable species, which as we can see varies from pale all over to clearly defined bands of colour. A harlequin ladybird can also be seen in the photograph.

The caterpillar of the Knot Grass moth (Acronicta rumicis).

Next month will see our valiant volunteers loading up a trailer with all of the grass cuttings that have been collected over the past year or so. Until then!

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