Monday, 17 November 2014

The Lifetime Achievement Award - Ivan Randall

I am very happy to announce that Ivan Randall, one of our coordinators, has won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Ivan has been a long-time volunteer with the Trust, putting in thousands of hours in practical work as well as providing advice for the launch of other Churchyard Projects.

Ivan can be found in the WWT diary most weekends, leading voluteer walks in some of the well known reserves in Wiltshire, but more importantly Ivan has knowledge of sites that most people have never heard of - but are rich in biodiversity. Ivan was the volunteer warden at the Vicients Wood reserve for many years before he retired from that role. He has been instrumental in the setting up of many Living Churchyard Projects throughout Wiltshire and has been the joint coordinator for the St Giles Living Churchyard Project in Stanton St Quintin for many years.

As well as being quiet and supportive, Ivan is known for his vast knowledge of wildlife and the issues affecting conservation. He is always keen to promote the activity of the trust and can often be found at local shows with a WWT stand.

All in all, this was a well deserved win for Ivan and look forward to working with him - and learning from him - for many more years.