Thursday, 7 May 2015

Parish Life - May 2015

I wonder how often we really use our senses to enjoy our surroundings? The demands of everyday life mean that we are often busy and do not seem to have the time to stop and appreciate what is around us. In the garden recently, I paused from weeding for a few moments to appreciate a sensory experience for free. Birdsong was coming from all directions, bees were buzzing on flowers and distantly, I could hear the “tock, tock” of a thrush cracking open a snail. The scent of fresh, moist earth was matched by floral aromas and the smell of the recently mown grass. And the colours! An acid-yellow brimstone butterfly fluttering by and all the variations of green plants in the background.

It is worth taking the time to take some pleasure in the environment as well as working towards maintaining it as a haven for wildlife. Our maintenance session at St. Giles is Saturday 16th May, 9.30 to 12 noon. We carry out a variety of tasks, and tools and gloves are provided. You just have to bring yourself, dressed for gardening and we also stop for refreshments, fellowship and a chance to enjoy sitting in the churchyard. All ages and abilities are very welcome to join us.

Another worthwhile and fascinating event is the Annual Award ceremony for the Living Churchyards in Wiltshire. This year, it is being held at Holy Cross church, Sherston, on Saturday May 9. There will be speakers on a variety of topics, lunch and a tour of the wildlife churchyard.

Contributed by Liz Cullen

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