Sunday, 28 June 2015

Practical Session Report - June 2015

This is my first session post for a while due to the arrival of my first child! But I thought I'd better get back to it, for two reasons: firstly, it was our birthday session and secondly, Ivan and Liz had recently collected our Bishop's Award for 2014. This celebrates the 17 years the St Giles Living Churchyard Project has been managing the churchyard for the benefit of wildlife (and for all who wander through the churchyard).

The team have been very busy keeping the churchyard looking fabulous and ideal for wildlife of all kinds.

We had 33 plants in flower during this session, including meadow buttercup, cleavers, dropwort, and a very ragged ragged robin!

Sue and I spotted something rather interesting, but had no idea what it was. I've asked around and it appears that it may be a fly that has succumbed to fungal attack by Entomophthora muscae. If anyone can provide any additional info, please get in touch!

Of course, no party would be a party without cake! So, during our mid-morning break we had cake - apart from Sue who much prefers savoury snacks and can be seen dipping into a bag of crisps.

Until next time, happy conservationing!

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