Sunday, 1 November 2015

Parish Life - November 2015

November brings our last working session of the year and we DESPERATELY need hands to help clear the compost that has built up over the raking season.  This call goes out to all able-bodied persons and if you can only come for this one event of the year, you would be welcomed with open arms!  I promise hot chocolate and a glorious chocolate cake as an inducement!  

We cannot use the compost that builds up over the year, as wild flower growth and meadow grasses thrive on depleted soil.  Each mowing session, all the grass is raked up and piled onto the heap.  At the end of the year, the resulting compost is moved by tractor trailer to a location on the Buckley Barracks grounds.

But it cannot move on its own, so this requires a team to transfer the compost to wheelbarrows, then to the trailer, where it is forked or tipped away.  The more folk we have to help, the less arduous the task will be.  It is certainly a good way to warm up the body and get some exercise if the weather has turned cold.

November will bring a feeling of a closing-down as Nature prepares for the winter season.  There will still be some activity in the churchyard, with birds feeding on berries and fungi visible under the trees. Most of the leaves will have fallen as the trees have drawn in the nutrients.  Rather like a bruise changing colour as the body heals itself, the changing autumn colours are a result of the tree breaking down the food held inside each leaf, which it then absorbs.  Each leaf stalk is then closed off by a small seal, and the leaf falls to the ground.  Although some gardeners compost leaves, they contain very little in the way of food for growing plants.  However, they are an excellent mulch and add humus to the soil.

Come along to join us on Saturday 21st November, 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon.  Tools and gloves, and refreshments will be available.  Please come and enjoy a session looking after your local environment!

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