Flora List

Understanding the spreadsheet
This spreadsheet is based on the original flora list that was produced in 1999 for the creation of the Living Churchyard Project at St. Giles. As new species are found at the site they will be added to the list and if after time some of the original species are not present, they will be removed from the list, unless it is decided that they will be reintroduced to the site.

The location data will be held in the flora list in the year column. An example being: June/FA. Which would show that the plant in question flowers in June and is present in FA on the site area map. Where a species is in multiple areas, this should be recorded in site alphabetical order.

Back Wall area - BW
Front area - FA
Outside Wall - OW
Porch area - PA
Side Fence area - SF
Side Wall area - SW
Tombs area - TA
Click for the aerial view

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